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MBBS in United Arab Emirates


Abu Dhabi


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International Students:


698.98 Billion US Doller


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Top Universities

Admission Requirements

International students who are planning to study MBBS in UAE must fulfill the following eligibility requirements to take admission at the reputed universities in UAE:

  • 1694166565-162925-289
    A copy of the applicant’s passport
  • 1694166565-631320-797
    Academic Transcripts
  • 1694166565-918849-338
    Letter of Recommendation (LORs)
  • 1694166565-779955-764
    Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • NEET Score
  • 1694166565-667154-751
    Proof of Funds
  • 1694166565-283716-946
    Offer Letter
  • Medical Reports
  • Migration Certificate
  • 1694166565-441653-485
    Standardized English language proficiency scores
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Scholarships for Study Abroad in United Arab Emirates


The medical universities in the UAE offer various scholarship opportunities to international students. The top scholarship options are listed below: 

  • Jared J Davis Grant
  • QS Undergraduate scholarship
  • Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award
  • The Vaudeville Future Technology Scholarship
  • The Annual Music Authority Scholarship 
  • The Next-Gen Scholarship 
  • 1st Formations Business Scholarship
  • Arash Hadipour Niktarash Grant
  • Marcus Joseph Debasise Scholarship

Visa Options

Short Term UAE Students Visa

Cost - INR 22,629

Type- Study Visa

The average cost of this student visa is 1000 AED, nearly INR 22,629.

Long Term UAE Students Visa

Cost - INR 67,906

Type- Study Visa

The average cost of this student visa is 3000 AED, nearly INR 67,906.


Min Max
Min Max
New Castle

Career + Work Opportunities

MBBS graduates in the UAE have various career opportunities to explore, both within the country and internationally. After completing their education, students can work as medical practitioners, in academic and research positions, in healthcare management, government health services, medical consulting, clinical research and more.

Part-time Work Opportunities

International students have various part-time work opportunities in the UAE. These jobs can help students gain experience, earn some income, and build their resumes. The best part-time jobs in the UAE can be tutoring, clinical research assistants, medical transcriptionist, medical writing, healthcare administration and medical internships for international students.

Post Study Work VISA

Students who plan to work in the UAE for a long-term basis are required to obtain a study work visa. The Universities in the UAE give access to those who study MBBS in the UAE to work in their country.


Arts and Humanities


Social Sciences


Law and Legal Studies

Why Study MBBS In the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has seven reputed public universities that offer quality medical courses and ranks within the 40 best universities of the country. The MBBS program in the UAE is a 5 to 6 year program that depends on competency and an integrated curriculum. This program aims to provide graduate doctors with competencies acquired after they completed their medical education. The curriculum of an MBBS program is organized on the organ system that includes studies of integrated biomedical sciences, clinical sciences, behavioral sciences and patient-care skills. The programs are structured to develop skills of teamwork, scientific enquiry and lifetime learning which are essential for efficient medical practices. 

Studying MBBS in United Arab Emirates (UAE) for Indian students

Studying MBBS in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can be considered as the best choice for Indian students for several reasons. Here are the top reasons why to choose studying MBBS in the UAE. 

Quality Education: Many universities in the UAE offer high-quality medical education with modern research facilities and well-qualified faculty. 

International Recognition: The UAE follows international medical education standards and many UAE medical degrees are globally recognized which can be advantageous if you want to work in the international healthcare system.

English-Medium Programs: Most medical programs in the UAE are conducted in English, making it accessible to Indian students who are proficient in the language.

Clinical Experience: The UAE offers opportunities for clinical training and exposure to a wide range of medical cases, including those not commonly encountered in India. This diverse clinical experience can enhance your medical education.

Career Opportunities: The UAE has a growing healthcare sector with a high demand for medical professionals. Graduates from the esteemed medical institutes in the UAE offer various job opportunities, internships and employment to the students.

Studying MBBS in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

There are a number of reasons to pursue an MBBS in the UAE. The country is considered one of the best countries for medical education. Here are some of the major reasons:

  • There is a world-class medical education provided in the UAE and the literacy rate is high in this country which means that the education is delivered by professional teaching staff. 
  • The course duration in the UAE of an MBBS program is around 5 years which is quite short as compared to other countries.  
  • The students getting an MBBS degree in the UAE get the chance to earn a medical degree that is globally recognised. 
  • The UAE is home to recognised hospitals and clinics. It increases the chances for international students to get numerous job opportunities available after completion of the medical course. 
  • The country is highly developed with numerous healthcare facilities, with modern infrastructure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An MBBS program in the UAE may vary depending on the university of your choice. Here is a list of top universities offering high-quality MBBS programs in the UAE United Arab Emirates University University of Sharjah Khalifa University Gulf Medical University Abu Dhabi University University of Wollongong in Dubai Ajman University American University in Dubai Zayed University Dubai Medical College University of Dubai
What is the average cost to pursue an MBBS in the UAE?
Pursuing an MBBS degree in the UAE can be cost effective for Indian students. The medical universities in the UAE offer affordable education along with various scholarship options for international students. The average cost of an MBBS program in the UAE may cost around 120,000 - 160,000 AED which is equivalent to 26.04 - 34.72 lakhs in Indian rupees. The living cost, Visa and other expenses can cost you approximately INR 50 to 60 lakhs per year.
Is an MBBS degree from the UAE accepted in India?
The MBBS degrees from the reputed universities in the UAE are globally recognised. They are also approved by the National Medical Commission (NMC) in India. After completing medical education from the UAE, graduates can practice medicine in India and other abroad countries after FMGE. Getting higher education from the medical universities in the UAE enables students to work in various disciplines of healthcare and positively contribute to global medicine science
What is the eligibility criteria to study an MBBS in UAE?
To pursue an MBBS from the reputed universities in UAE, international students are required to meet the following eligibility criteria to get admission. The basic eligibility criteria to get admission at esteemed medical universities in UAE are given below: The student must be above the age of 17 years. Students have completed 12 years of schooling from a recognized board. The student must have studied PCB as a major stream during class 11th and 12 standard. A minimum of 75% in 10-2 Grade students must have. Standardized scores in English language proficiency Test Qualified test scores in NEET exam.
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