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Admission Requirements

Here are some of the essential requirements to study in Canada if you plan to apply for the universities here:

  • 1680675595-995221-200
    A copy of the applicant’s passport
  • 1680675595-357321-171
  • 1680675595-137018-194
    Academic Transcripts
  • 1680675595-808966-486
    Letter of Recommendation (LORs)
  • 1680675595-381729-437
    Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • 1680675595-845231-498
    A CV (if asked)
  • 1680675595-800896-997
    Proof of Funds/Scholarships
  • 1680675595-691716-359
    Offer Letter
  • Study Visa
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Scholarships for Study Abroad in Canada


Canada always welcomes the meritorious from all around the world to study and to settle. Universities are no different. If you have good academic scores and are competitive enough you can avail some good money to study further.

Here are a cohort of reputed scholarships enlisted below:

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships
  • Quebec Government Scholarship
  • DIck Martin Scholarship Award
  • IDRC Research Awards
  • Anne Vallee Ecological Fund
  • Trudeau Doctoral Scholarships
  • Canada ASEAN-SEED

Visa Options

SDS Category

Cost - CAD 150 or INR 9,126

Type- Tier 1

The fee will be CAD 150 or 9,126 INR. For the biometrics additional CAD 85 (5000+INR) will be charged. It takes 5-10 days to get this visa.

NON SDS Category

Cost - CAD 150 or INR 9,126

Type- Tier 2

The fee for this one is also CAD 150 or 9,126 INR and an extra amount of CAD 85 (5000+) for biometrics. It takes 2-3 months to get the visa.

University Category

Cost - CAD 150 or INR 9,126

Type- Tier 2

This visa will cost CAD 150 or 9126 INR and the biometrics will need another CAD 85. Prices are contingent upon latest currency conversion.


Min Max
Min Max
New Castle

Careers + Work Opportunities

Study Abroad Canada is a hot destination for Indian students who like to venture out for new things in life. Canada is a country of immigrants and it pays well to those who want to work hard. Students will find lots of scopes here to work and to sustain themselves. Read below:

Part-time Work Opportunities

Maximum of 20 hours per week for regular students Maximum of 10 hours per week for language center students

Post Study Work VISA

Students completing a Bachelors or Masters program get a work VISA of 2 years. PhD graduates get a work VISA of 3 years.


Arts and Humanities


Social Science


Law and Legal Studies

Why Study in Canada

Canada is heaven for study abroad countries all around the world. This country respects human rights, values and ethics and has a long tradition of keeping these ahead. The country is full of scenic beauty and less pollution. Canadian universities ensure that students get the best they deserve according to their merit and hard work. A large section of think tanks, leaders, innovation/discoveries and businesses have emerged from this country's education system. Thus, the high ranking universities in the nation.

Apart from this, international students can earn while they learn. Canada student visa policies have defined for how much and how long they can earn. International students can find a life in the big cities like Toronto or can choose a laid back life in Alberta.

Study in Canada for Indian Student

Study Abroad Canada is a viable option for Indian students as it is culturally much near and close. Every year for multiple academic sessions, thousands of international students apply there. Why is this the case?

Compensating Academic System: Multiple academic sessions, scholarships/aids, course navigation makes the Canadian academic system a hotspot for lots of students. Students get to decide what they will study in their programs!

Varieties of Universities:  Canadian education is costly but compared to the added value it’s something Indian students can do. The ROI (Return on Investment) is high as well. You can apply for the same program at a much cheaper cost.

Top STEM Institutes: STEM is the future. Canadian universities are designing and developing programs thinking about the future necessity. Students can learn from the best itself and Now.

Why Study in Canada

Canada is a region that has less pollution and a lot of natural resources. Since, this country has a low population, and immigrants are working hard, this country is highly developed. Canada in terms of resources and research has a lot to offer. International students can earn a wage while studying and subsequently may settle there..

Globally Ranked Universities: 100+ of Canada universities are making it to the top of global rank by various trustworthy organizations.

Teaching Methodologies that incorporates research: Canada has an integrated system of education networks that decides that students pursue academic programs thinking about the research and its social output. This  kind of system results in better development of society.

Broad Research Prospects: Canada holds a huge number of technology, laboratories, and highly efficient management systems. This kind of structure is very essential while pursuing research. Also PhD and postdoctoral models are very human-friendly.


Cost of living in Canada for Indian student

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Study in Canada

Cost of living in Canada for Indian student

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Frequently Asked Questions

Canada is very strict when it comes to gap years of students. Canada accepts a 2-year study gap for UG level and up to a 5-year study gap for postgraduate applicants. Furthermore, there should be valid reasons with certifications as to why there are gaps. Hence, make sure that your visa application is intact with thorough info to not get eliminated.
How long does it take to get a PhD in Canada?
PhD is a matter of interest. There’s no fixed time to finish a doctoral thesis and countries like Canada give full scope to a researcher to complete their project as much time as required. Still, it takes 2 to 3 years minimum to obtain a PhD in Canada. Also, your research domains will determine the time you need to complete your PhD.
Can I study in an English-taught program in Quebec?
Yes, you can study in English-taught programs in Quebec. You still have to fill the proficiency score for English like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic etc. Also, you will need to certify from the previous institution that your last program was conducted in English. However, rudimentary French will be helpful in your stay since it’s a French-speaking region.
Do you need to pay taxes if you earn while on a Canadian student visa?
Yes, you will be liable to taxes as per the Canadian tax law like any other earning citizens. You will need to file a tax return whether you have summer jobs or teaching/research assistantships, and the same applies if you receive any income outside of Canada.
Is health insurance mandatory for international students in Canada?
All international students including Indian students must need health insurance. Provinces and territories inside Canada also provide free health coverage, however, for that the student must have stayed there for an amount of time as declared by the official authority. Without health insurance in Canada, any hospital visit is costly. This insurance covers dental care, vision care, prescription medications, and some diagnostic tests.
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More About Study Abroad

We assist students in their future venture of overseas study and career. We are an organization that has professionals with an aim to provide student visas, counseling, admission process, merit & funding issues, and all the needed official assistance. We briefly consider the academic...

We assist students in their future venture of overseas study and career. We are an organization that has professionals with an aim to provide student visas, counseling, admission process, merit & funding issues, and all the needed official assistance. We briefly consider the academic transcripts, work experience and future goals of the international students to select the preferred university and country for their higher education prospects based on their profile, climatic conditions, fee- structure, academic requirements and career objectives.

We mentor throughout the process of availing scholarships, fee-waiver and student aid while studying overseas. Our think tank has versatile knowledge for example, on business, studies and tourism. We also arrange pre-post departure guidance sessions with our respective clients so that students can smoothly travel to their destination countries. We are dealing with Bachelor’s and Master’s admissions in the leading universities in the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and Australia. We have served more than 50,000 students. Dive into your Study Abroad Venture with Career Clinic.

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