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Admission Requirements

Plan you study adventure in Malta with the following items and head for a change:

  • 1690521587-323480-166
    A copy of the applicant’s passport
  • 1690521587-798128-608
    TOEFL/IELTS/C1 Scores
  • 1690521587-693813-799
    Academic Transcripts in GPA format
  • 1690521587-135019-411
    Letter of Recommendation (LORs)
  • 1690521587-194527-696
    Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • 1690521587-975937-509
    A CV (if asked)
  • 1690521587-496709-635
    Proof of Funds/Scholarships
  • 1690521587-265977-983
    Offer Letter
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Scholarships for Study Abroad in Malta


Malta has its nature to welcome people and its centuries long histories are testimonial to it. You can study in Maltese universities with the following scholarships:

  • Erasmus+ Programme
  • Malta Government Scholarships
  • Mediterranean Scholarships
  • MCAST Scholarships
  • Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme
  • Malta Sports Scholarships Scheme
  • Endeavour Scholarships Scheme

Visa Options

National Long-stay “D” Visa

Cost - INR 8,923

Type- Study Visa

This visa is required when you apply for any full-time, long duration program that exceeds more than 3 months. The cost of this visa is EUR 100 or 8,923 INR


Min Max
Min Max
New Castle

Career + Work Opportunities

Malta is known for its tourism and the work opportunities that it provides. International students who study want to work during and after their study abroad here can grab these opportunities. Read below:

Part-time Work Opportunities

International students can expect £11 per hour on average. Indian students can work for 15 hours a week and in some cases not more than 20 hours a week.

Post Study Work VISA

International Indian students get to stay in Spain for 1-year after completing a masters program. For this students need to apply for a work visa.


Arts and Humanities


Social Sciences


Law and Legal Humanities

Why Study in Malta?

The Mediterranean island country Malta has always been a place of attraction for several reasons. From its scenic beauty and hospitable people, this nation has a lot to contribute to international culture. Indian students will be fascinated by a whole another scene when they interact with its university system. Maltese  universities, currently providing many STEM and hospitality management related courses for which not only this country is a great place to learn but also to be familiar with the global job scene.

Study abroad Indian students are welcomed here as it has a faster visa process, near probability of getting admissions and the best part of it is you can be anywhere in Europe after landing here. Get prepared now!

Study in Malta for Indian Student

Indian students who love to travel internationally will find that Malta has some valid reasons why it attracts a lot of the students to its fold. They are applicable to first-time abroad students too.

International Scene: Malta is very international and laid back in its true essence. Study abroad students get to be part of it while making most of their lives.

Cheaper Cost: Compared to other European countries, Malta is inexpensive. Your lifestyle cost is very much manageable here. With a part-time job, your ride here is going to be smooth.

Lifestyle Standards: Malta provides a high standard of lifestyle. Thanks to its climate and its beautiful nature. The lifestyle and public service compliments it.

Why Study in Malta

By far you have a fair idea of what Malta could be. Maltese universities are at per global standards as the recent QS ranking shows. Not only are they ranking in the European continent, they are ranking globally too.

Continue in English: You can continue your education in english as for most people they’d like to continue in this way. Thus, there is no obligation of changing the medium.

Ranking at the top: QS ranking 2024 shows that Malta is not behind being the next top English speaking countries in terms of university education.

Return on Investment: Our statistics show that those who’ve been to Malta for studying abroad, their success rate is significantly higher than someone who chose to be in their home country.


Study in Malta

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get a student visa for Malta, the items that needs to be on your checklist are enlisted here: Filled visa application form Valid passport Travel insurance Proof of funds Visa application fee Offer letter from the applied institute A self-addressed envelope This entire process can be solved by us in a much faster way by our experts. Contact us now on the website.
What is the estimated cost of living for Indian students in Malta?
The estimated cost of living for Indian students can be around £2000 or 180598 INR. Let us break down the cost for an Indian student in Malta. Rent (minimum £750) Utilities (£90) Monthly commuting charges (£25) Internet (£30) Eating out (£8) Here we guessed a monthly idea of your probable expenses. You can always be creative about your budget or expenses.
What are the popular courses to study abroad in Malta?
Malta is all rounder when it comes to university education. However, there are some special areas where Malta could truly win almost over any other country. They are: Forestry Fishery Agriculture Tourism Teaching Psychology Logistics Besides, STEM these are the highly valuable subjects where one can pursue them undoubtedly. See yourself in these areas? Dial us immediately to set sail for a new venture.
What are the intakes for study abroad in Malta? How to prepare for it?
The Maltese universities for study abroad have two main intakes: February and October. Besides these two intakes, one would find April intake also in some rare cases. You should have at least 6/7 months of time in advance to prepare as the visa process sometimes may depend on political factors or natural disasters. But the good news is that Malta study visas for Indian students are always quick.
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Study in Malta for international students