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RMIT University, which is situated in the center of Melbourne, is a remarkable place of history and innovation. This global powerhouse for technology, design, and business has its roots in 1887 and has grown rapidly. Their campus has modern labs, studios, and collaborative spaces,encouraging students to dream big. RMIT enhances lively connections between students, businesses, and minds throughout the world by unleashing creativity and curiosity. Every route, from engineering to science, connects theory with practical magic to create innovators prepared to embark on the world. RMIT, a multicultural haven, celebrates diversity and provides its students to succeed in a range of diverse cultures. Enter this dynamic world, where creativity knows no limitations, and become innovators of the future.

RMIT University, Australia established in 1887 as the Working Men's College of Melbourne throughout its 130-year history, RMIT, a remarkable institution of higher learning, has innovated constantly to meet the changing demands of the modern world. RMIT has gone a long way to become a global leader in practical and outcome-oriented learning. Since its modest beginnings, the institution has increased the variety of disciplines it offers, including food science, geospatial technology, environmental analysis, banking, and information technology. RMIT is a top choice for students looking for a transformative educational experience due to its commitment to practical learning, which has gained it recognition worldwide. Because of its close ties to business and focused on practical applications, it has generated graduates that are in high demand by employers all over the world.

Top Courses:

Master of Data Science  INR 21,09,000 yr

Master of Business Information Technology  INR 23,72,000 yr

Bachelor of Biomedical Science  INR 20,56,000 yr

Master of Finance  INR 23,72,000 yr

Campus Life

RMIT University in Australia has several campuses, including the Melbourne City campus, the Bundoora Campus, and the Brunswick Campus. Libraries, computer laboratories, and student centers are just a few of the excellent amenities available on each of these sites. They also house a variety of student services, such as meetings and career services.

Melbourne City Campus: The Melbourne City campus is extremely remarkable and is located in the very center of Melbourne, making it extremely beneficial for students who want to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. The campus is home to several fantastic amenities, such as a library and a variety of computer labs. It also houses a variety of student services, such as social activities, career assistance, and academic help.

Bundoora Campus: The Bundoora Campus is another great campus of RMIT University Australia . It's a really large campus and is home to a range of different faculties, including aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, medical science and social science. The campus has a lot of great facilities, including a library, a range of computer labs, and a student center. It's also home to a range of student services, including academic support, career services, and social activities.

Brunswick Campus: The Brunswick Campus is a smaller campus than the other two, but it's still really impressive. The campus is home to a range of different faculties, including art, design, textile, fashion and product development. The campus has a lot of great facilities, including a library, a range of computer labs, and a student center.  

Hostel and Facilities

The University of RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in Australia offers a wide range of accommodation options for its students, serving different preferences and budgets. From on-campus student hostels to off-campus private housing, the university strives to provide a comfortable and supportive living environment for its diverse student community. Let's explore some of the accommodation options available:

On-campus Student Hostels:RMIT offers a variety of on-campus student hostels, also known as residential colleges or halls of residence. These hostels provide a dynamic community experience and allow students to be closely connected to campus facilities and academic resources. Students living in on-campus hostels often enjoy a range of amenities such as furnished rooms, communal spaces, study areas, recreational facilities, and access to meal plans or shared kitchens.

Private Housing: For students who prefer more independence and privacy, RMIT assists in finding suitable private housing options. Private housing typically includes apartments or houses, which can be rented individually or shared among a group of students. RMIT's accommodation services can help students find safe and convenient housing options close to the university's campuses and within commuting distance.

Share House: Share houses are popular among students who wish to live in a group setting, sharing living expenses and responsibilities. RMIT's accommodation services can help students find available shared houses or assist them in forming groups to rent a house together. Share houses offer a social living environment while providing some level of independence.

Homestays: Homestays provide a unique cultural experience for international students. RMIT collaborates with reputable homestay agencies to ensure students are placed in welcoming homes with local families. Living with a host family allows students to immerse themselves in Australian culture, practice English language skills, and receive additional support during their stay.

Short-term Accommodation: For students who require temporary accommodation, RMIT can assist in finding short-term options such as serviced apartments or temporary housing. Short-term accommodation is beneficial for international students who arrive before their regular accommodation is available or for those seeking flexible housing solutions during short courses or internships.

These accommodations offer a variety of facilities including.

  • Wi-Fi and Connectivity
  • Libraries and Study Spaces
  • Recreational Facilities: 
  • Dining and Cafeterias
  • Health and Support Services
  • Security

Master of Science

  1. 144 Credit

Master of Science in Data Science

MS in Data Science


2 Years

Fees: ₹ INR 21,09,000

College of Business and Law, College of Design and Social Context, STEM College

  • Excellence in Education, Professional and Vocational Education, International Reputation

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