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Technical University of Munich

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April, Intake 2024
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Munich, Bavaria, Germany
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₹ INR 25,152

Technical University Munich (TUM) serves as one of Germany's leading and highest-ranked universities, honored for its in-depth learning opportunities and innovative studies in the fields of engineering, natural sciences and technology. Since its founding in 1868, TUM has developed into a renowned institution across the globe, attracting a diverse group of scholars, students, and researchers. The wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs offered by TUM, all of which are designed to encourage critical thinking, practical skills, and an innovative attitude, highlights the university's dedication to academic achievement. Students and staff can perform innovative studies at the institution because of its modern facilities and collaborative environment, which has contributed to countless achievements and discoveries in a variety of fields as a leading player in academic TUM also actively collaborate with industries,and make perfect bridges between research with renowned companies. Technical University Munich continues to shape the future of science and technology, leaving a permanent mark on the world of academics and research.

Technical University Munich, or TUM for short, is a renowned institution of higher learning with a presence in Munich, Germany. TUM was established in 1868, famous for its brilliance in the fields of engineering, the natural sciences, technology, and medicine. The university attracts students from all around the world with its broad selection of undergraduate and graduate programs. TUM has established itself as an expert in developing innovation and knowledge due to its commitment to innovative studies, modern facilities, and collaboration with top companies. TUM continues to shape upcoming generations of engineers and scientists as a learning impact, providing an important contribution to the transformation of society.

Top Courses:

Master of Science in management and Innovation  INR 25,01,000 yr

Master of Science in Integrated Circuit Design  INR 16,04,000 yr

Master of Science in Automotive Engineering  INR 27,795 yr

Master of Arts in Architecture  INR 25,152 yr

Campus Life

The Technical University is the leading and oldest university in Munich, Germany and offers high-quality education in different campuses with all the facilities. They have three campuses situated in Germany which offer all the facilities to students and are known for their teaching and research. All campuses contain different fields of study.

Munich Campus: This Campus is located in the heart of the city, Munich it is the main campus of Technical University and offers a beautiful academic environment with all innovative facilities the Munich campus covers diverse fields including the Department of Architecture, Geo and Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, management studies, governance and education studies this campus offers modern infrastructure, well-maintained libraries, research labs and sports space. It offers students renowned educational and research facilities which help them to make their careers bright.

Garching Campus: The Garching Campus is situated in the town of Garching, just outside Munich this is the largest scientific research center in Europe and offers various fields to study including Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, informatics and mathematics. The campus provides a peaceful environment for focused research and study because it is situated in a warm and silent location of the country and it has innovative research labs and libraries.

Weihenstephan Campus: The Weihenstephan campus is located about 30 kilometers north of the Munich campus and is known for its Life Science field of study, it provides specialized facilities for food science and helps students in their research, it offers all the facilities and provides a peaceful study environment.

Hostel Facilities

Technical University of Munich (TUM) offers various student housing options, including several student residences, also known as "Studentenwohnheime." Here are some of the hostels provided  and facilities to cater to the needs of its students.

Olympiapark Student Village (Studentenstadt Freimann): Located in the northern part of Munich, this student village provides housing for TUM students and offers a vibrant community atmosphere.

Enzianstrabe Garching: Situated in the Garching campus area, this student hall of residence is the new residence conveniently located for students attending classes at TUM's Garching campus.

Schlüsselbergstraße Student Residence: Located near the main TUM campus in downtown Munich, this residence is in close proximity to various university facilities.

Max-Kade-House: This student residence is part of the Max-Kade-Foundation's scholarship program and provides housing for both German and international students.

Facilities provided by each hostel are:

Furnished Rooms: The hostel rooms are generally furnished with a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, and other basic amenities to provide students comfortable space to live and study.

Internet Connectivity: The housing provides internet access to facilitate academic work and communication.

Laundry Facilities: On-site laundry rooms or facilities are available in some student residences, making it convenient for students to do their laundry.

Sports and Recreation: TUM offers sports facilities where students can participate in various sports and physical activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Libraries and Study Spaces: The university's libraries are near to these campuses so students use all well-equipped  resources, study materials, and quiet study areas for academic purposes.

Master of Arts

  1. 120 Credit

Master of Arts in Architecture

MA in Architecture


2 Year

Fees: ₹ INR 25,152

Department of Aerospace & Geodesy, Department of Architecture, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Munich, Bavaria
  • Highly Regarded, Technical and Scientific Research, Excellent Employer Reputation

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