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Universität Stuttgart

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January intake, 2024
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Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg
Course Fee
₹ INR 2,70,000 yr

The Universität Stuttgart is a popular public research institution with a focus on mechanical, industrial, and electrical engineering. It is located in Germany. It has a long history of innovation and academic success dating back to its establishment in 1829. The University of Stuttgart has established itself as a hub for innovative research and development. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across many fields, including engineering, architecture, computer science, physics, chemistry, and the social sciences. It maintains a large number of research institutes and centers that enhance the study of materials science, renewable energy, automotive engineering, and the aerospace industry.  Modern buildings, libraries, and laboratories on the campus offer students a comfortable setting for learning. The university's dedication to globalization is reflected in its relationships with organizations around the world, which promote cultural exchange and team research. The University of Stuttgart is an attractive choice for German and international students seeking chances for high-quality education and research due to its reputation as a global leader in engineering and technology education and its commitment to encouraging innovation.

The Universität Stuttgart, or University of Stuttgart, located in Germany, is known as a renowned University recognized for its academic excellence and innovative research. Founded in 1829, it has a rich history of promoting advancements across a wide range of disciplines. With a strong focus on engineering, mechanical, industrial, and electrical engineering, the university has consistently ranked among the top universities globally. Its commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and a forward-looking approach to education and research have attracted students and scholars from around the world. Through its diverse programs, innovative facilities, and vibrant academic community, the University of Stuttgart continues to shape the future of education and contribute to the progress of various fields on a global scale.

Top Courses:

Master of Science in Computer Science  INR  2,70,000 yr

Master of Science in Automotive Engineering  INR  2,70,000 yr

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering  INR  2,70,000 yr

Bachelor of Science in data Science  INR  2,70,000 yr

Master of Science in Software Engineering  INR  2,70,000 yr

Campus Life

The campus life of the students involves more than studies and exams. International students can join various student activities such as music, theater, movies, sports, and university groups, as well as several community interest groups and associations within the campus. The student unions of the university keep track of the student groups, their registrations, and their initiatives.

College groups: Debating, providing development aid, making music, playing theater, jumping on the trampoline, living religions, establishing contacts with industries, promoting environment protection, showing films on campus, shaping university policies, enjoying motor and air sports or space travel, and exchanging ideas with students from different nationalities are the popular student activities within the campus that benefit students personally and professionally. International students can do countless other things and learn with the university groups.

Course Groups: The university has several specialist groups that represent the students' interests relating to the individual courses. With these groups, students can get an overview of all the departments available at the University of Stuttgart. These groups help the students know which department is responsible for the study of a specific subject.  These groups provide detailed information regarding the departments of English studies, architecture, civil engineering, vocational and technical education, business administration, technical biology, chemistry, machine language processing and computational linguistics, electrical and computer engineering, geodesy and geoinformatics, German studies, real estate technology, computer science, information technology,  art history, teaching positions, linguistics, aerospace engineering, mathematics, material science, philosophy, physics, romance studies, social sciences, sport science, traffic engineering, business information, science, and technology.

Hostel and Facilities

Students can choose from a variety of housing alternatives at the University of Stuttgart in Germany, including:

Subsidized Apartments: The university offers students subsidized apartments, which are frequently less expensive than rentals on the private market. Due to their affordability, these apartments are a popular alternative for many students.

Rooms on the Private Market:Additional options for renting housing for students include private market rooms in addition to subsidized residences. Though it might cost more than the subsidized options, this allows consumers greater freedom in terms of location and facilities.

Short Term Room Rental:For students who only want housing for a brief time, such as exchange students or those participating in summer programs, the university may also offer short-term room rental options.

Master of Science

  1. 120 Credit

Master of Science in Software Engineering

MS in Software Engineering


2 Years

Fees: ₹ INR 2,70,000 yr

Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Humanities

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