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May Intake, 2024
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Bunkyo, Tokyo
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₹ INR 16,40,854 yr

The University of Tokyo, established in 1877, is a famous university all over the world, known for its advanced medical research studies and academics. They offer a wide range of courses across various fields, including medical science,arts,law,technology, mathematics, and engineering. Their programs are designed to provide a detailed and diverse education with all the innovative research facilities and theoretical knowledge. With a strong command of research and innovation, the university encourages students to enhance their knowledge and make advanced discoveries. The University of Tokyo provides a beautiful and innovative environment with advanced laboratories and innovative research centers that provide a supportive environment that helps them enhance their skills. This university was designed by the Meiji government, and it is the first Imperial University in the nation with experienced professors. In 1886, the university was known as the University of Imperial University, and in 1889, this university was renamed the Tokyo University. Instead of academics, the University of Tokyo offers a peaceful and beautiful campus life where students can participate in a wide range of clubs,sports and cultural activities that help them develop their interests and create lifelong memories with their friends.

The University of Tokyo is a public research university located in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the most renowned universities in Japan and is also recognized as a nation-first Imperial University. Its academic excellence and achievements are the only way to make this university famous worldwide. It offers a wide range of programs and research opportunities with the help of experienced professors.The University of Tokyo has 10 faculties and 15 graduate schools, which enroll more than 30,000 students, of whom approximately 4,200 are international students. According to the 2021 report, the alumni, faculty, and researchers of this university have 17 prime ministers, 18 Nobel Prize holders, five Astronauts, and a Fields Medalist. With its rich history and commitment to research and innovation, the university provides a beautiful and diverse learning environment to students. If anyone wants to study in Japan, Tokyo University has exciting career opportunities.

Top Courses:

Bachelor of Medicine  INR 16,40,854 yr

Bachelor of Nursing  INR 8,40,102 yr

Campus Life

The University of Tokyo offers a wide range of campuses across the country that give a beautiful and peaceful environment to students. They provide all the facilities that create a healthy environment to study and research. These campuses include: 

Hongo Campus: This is the main campus of the University of Tokyo. This campus is known for their Tokyo University annual May festivals and has many famous buildings, including:

  •  Yasuda Auditorium
  •  Akamon (the red gate) 
  • Letters Building 
  • Information Centers 
  • First Medical Building 
  • Medical Library 
  • The Experimental Tank

Komaba Campus:The Komba campus is the home of the College of Arts and Science, Mathematics, and has advanced research facilities and campus facilities.

 Kashiwa Campus: This campus is the home of the graduate school of frontier science and a diverse number of facilities, and it also runs the institute for cosmic ray research, the institute for solid state physics, and the atmospheric ocean research institute, which only provides postgraduate studies. 

Shirokanedai Campus: This is the small campus of the University of Tokyo, which runs the Institute of Medical Science. The basic focus of this campus is genome research.

Hostel and Facilities

The University of Tokyo offers a beautiful environment for living. It established a housing office to create and give a suitable environment to live in. The University of Tokyo offers many options to live, which include 

Private accommodation: This accommodation gives more independence to the student with the option of a shared room, a single room, a shared flat, and a single flat, with all types of opportunities that give a beautiful environment to the students.

 University accommodation: These accommodations offer a safe and healthy environment for international students to live a healthy life in their country. They are situated all over the country near their campus and are named as follows:

  •  Mejirodai International Village
  •  International Lodge Main 
  • International Lodge Annex 
  • Oiwake International Lodge
  •  Oiwake Hall of Residence


  1. 2 Credit

Bachelor of Medicine




Fees: ₹ INR 16,40,854 yr

Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Education

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