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Irkutsk State Medical University

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September Intake, 2024
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Irkutsk, Russia
Course Fee
₹ INR 2,80,000 yr

Irkutsk State Medical University situated in the peaceful city of Irkutsk, Russia, was established in 1918 and stands as a pillar of excellence in the field of medical education and innovative research. Irkutsk State Medical University has a long history, one that is known for its commitment to global healthcare advancement and continuously adapting the advancement for excellence in medical education. The academic portfolio of ISMU meets the varied interests and objectives of future medical professionals by providing a wide range of programs covering undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in the field of medicine which includes medicine, pediatrics, preventive medicine, stomatology, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing. ISMU distinguishes itself through its modern facilities and advanced research labs. The modern innovative resources offer students experience and opportunities to engage with the latest advancement in the medical field. After their advanced facilities, the university also collaborates with many leading universities and organizations that are world-renowned in the field of medicine which gives access to their students to work on international research projects and collaborate with international organizations.

Irkutsk State Medical University is a leading university for medical studies in Irkutsk, Russia has a rich history of offering excellent studies in the field of medicine and research opportunities. The Irkutsk State Medical University is famous for its commitment to producing highly expert professionals who have a motive to improve the condition of healthcare worldwide. This University provides a diverse range of programs which include undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in various medical fields. The faculty was very expert in their respective fields which had an aim to share their knowledge and excel their students in the career of medicine and make a generation of medical experts. One of the basic points of the strength of this university is they have modern and innovative facilities with advanced labs and research centers that provide student experience and exposure to the latest advancement in the field of medicine.

Top Courses:

Bachelor of Nursing  INR 2,80,000 yr

Bachelor of General Medicine  INR 3,32,420 yr

Bachelor of Pediatrics  INR 2,80,000 yr

Bachelor of Dentistry  INR 2,80,000 yr

Campus Life

The Irkutsk State Medical University offers a dynamic campus life to its students by providing advanced infrastructure which includes innovative classrooms, libraries, research labs and research centers which creates a peaceful and beautiful environment for both education and memorable student life. The university campus life offers many facilities which make a happy student life. These facilities include:

Multicultural Atmosphere: The Irkutsk State Medical University has a diverse student body from all over the world which enhances the multicultural environment on Campus.

Campus Facilities: The University provides advanced facilities which include libraries, research labs, research centers and classrooms.

Extracurricular Activities: The ISMU offers a diverse range of activities to enhance the physical activities, hobbies, and interests of their students. They have various clubs and organizations which organize activities on the campus.

Cultural Events: The University organizes many festivals which include international food festivals, cultural nights, academic conferences to promote cross-cultural understanding and many more which help students to adapt and enjoy the culture of the country.

Outdoor Activities: The University is a proximity to Lake Baikal and offers many outdoor activities options which include hiking, skiing and water sports.

Global Opportunities: The university has tie-ups with many world-leading organizations which give students a global perspective and the opportunity to work on global projects.


Hostel and Facilities

The Irkutsk State Medical University offers a secure environment for international students to live and creates a memorable hostel life.

On-Campus Apartments: The Hostel of Irkutsk State Medical University provides well-maintained on-campus accommodation to the student with a comfortable environment and this hostel was built according to the preferences of students. The university offers healthy food, water and basic facilities which help students to live a healthy hostel life.

Private Housing Facility: The Irkutsk State Medical University offers support to find a perfect private apartment. The private apartment is built for the student who wants to live independently and wants to explore the country. These apartments are situated all over the country, especially near the campus and provide the choice of houses to the student with all the facilities in a beautiful and healthy environment.

Common Hostel Facilities: Some common facilities offered by both on-campus and off-campus apartments include:

  • Laundry Facilities
  • Common Kitchen
  • Study Space
  • Sports Area
  • Internet Facilities
  • Cafeteria


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Bachelor of Nursing




Fees: ₹ INR 2,80,000 yr

Faculty of Pediatrics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine

  • Well Known Educational Institution, Provides High Quality of Medical Education, Research Services