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Siberian State Medical University

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Available Intake
September Intake, 2024
World Rank
QS 1001 - 1200
Tomsk, Russia
Course Fee
₹ INR 5,06,075 yr

Siberian State Medical University located in the beautiful city of Tomsk, Russia established in 1878. This University makes a unique image worldwide by providing a world-class education in the field of medicine. Every year they make a generation of experts, professors, doctors and scientists and improve the condition of medicine and healthcare worldwide. The university offers a diverse range of programs which include General medicine, pediatrics, pharmacy, biomedicine and integrative health. The motive to design these programs is to excel students with comprehensive knowledge in their respective fields. Many of the professors of this university are worldwide recognized experts and researchers in their respective fields which have an aim to exceed their students and produce a generation of scientists, doctors, professors, and researchers. It has a modern and well-maintained campus that provides modern laboratories, libraries, and advanced research centers which help the students to do research by using advanced machines and improving their skills in the research fields. The Siberian State Medical University continually improves in infrastructure developments to ensure that students and researchers have access to the innovative tools and resources required for their education and research. Siberian State Medical University ranking in top 3 medical universities in Russia.

The Serbian State Medical University is located in Tomsk, Russia known for its dedication to providing excellent education in the field of medicine and innovative research founded in 1878. The university is situated in a prime location in Tomsk this city is famous for their strong academic traditions. This university is the hub of medical education and advanced research in Russia. Siberian State Medical University has a diverse range of expert professors, researchers and scientists which aim to provide excellent education and make a generation of medical experts. To prove their commitment to global healthcare they actively tie up with international institutions and well-known organizations and provide a chance for their students to participate in their academics and research exchange. This worldwide perspective of this university enhances the educational and research experience of its students and makes the university a global center of medical excellence.

Top Courses:

Bachelors of Pharmacy  INR 5,10,223 yr

Bachelors of Dentistry  INR 5,06,075

Bachelors of Pediatrics  INR 2,48,889 yr

Bachelors of General Medicine  INR 4,30,500 yr

Campus Life

The Siberian State Medical University is one of the most famous and renowned universities in Russia. This university is famous for its education excellence as well as vibrant campus life. Here is a brief look at campus life at Siberian State University.

Academics Facilities: The academics of this university are renowned due to their advanced campus facilities which offer a healthy environment for education and research.

Student Organization: The University gives access to their students to facilitate the work of the organization by developing the student's clubs and organization. This helps students improve their skills, interests and leadership quality.

Cultural and Social Life: The university organizes a diverse range of cultural and social events which help them to make memories, engage with friends and explore the culture.

Research Opportunities: The university gives access to their students to do practical research and provide innovative and modern facilities. They also have a tie-up with world-leading which gives them a chance for their students to do research worldwide.

Scientific Library: The Scientific Medical Library of SSMU is the only public library in the Tomsk Region.

Clinical Centre: The students of Siberian State Medical University have opportunities to practice & training in multidisciplinary clinics. It is believed that more than 20,000 patients get medical care from all over Russia in these multidisciplinary clinics.

Hostel and Facilities

The Serbian State Medical University Hostel provides full support to international students from education to finding perfect accommodation. They offer their students the perfect place to live and give a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere to make friends and memories.

On Campus Accommodation: The hostel is located nearby the main campus which cut-off the traveling expenses of the student. The University offers off-campus accommodation facilities to the third-year student.

Security Surveillance: All the Campus & hostels provide full security with a 24-hour CCTV system to give full support to the international students.

Shared Spaces: They offer students a diverse range of rooms which include two, three and four seater rooms. With a study table, chairs, comfortable bed and internet facilities. There were separate hostels for both girls and boys with full security.

Student Support Service: The university offers complete support to their students which helps them to adapt to new cultures and countries.


  1. 240 Credit

Bachelor of Dentistry




Fees: ₹ INR 5,06,075 yr

Departments of General Medicine, Department of Biomedicine, Department of Pediatrics

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