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University of Belgrade

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May Intake, 2024
World Rank
QS 721-730
Belgrade, Serbia
Course Fee
₹ INR 6,24,867 yr

The University of Belgrade is the leading university in Serbia with a very rich history over two centuries. The university offers various programs with the help of well-renowned professors. The fields of study include law, philology, economics, organizational sciences, medicine, philosophy, electric engineering, agriculture, political science, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, pharmacy, dentistry, chemistry and veterinary medicine. The university has a modern infrastructure and advanced campus that provide students with a healthy education. It is also known for its research work and partnership with other top-ranking universities and companies worldwide. It offers students a diverse range of opportunities to provide the best research and theory knowledge which helps them to succeed in their respective fields. Their campus is the hub of learning with their advanced facilities and tools which help students in their research practicals and help them gain more exposure with the help of their experienced professors and spread all over the city and each of their campus provide a beautiful environment to the student which create a peaceful atmosphere to study and enjoy their library are having a collections of books, journals and digital materials to create a better education atmosphere other than academics the university offer a beautiful student life with diverse range of student organization,clubs and provide extra curricular activities.

The University of Belgrade is one of the oldest and best public universities in Serbia established in 1808 this is a leading and renowned for its academic excellence and research work. The university offers a diverse range of programs include law, philology, economics, organizational sciences, medicine, philosophy, electric engineering, agriculture, political science, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, pharmacy, dentistry, chemistry and veterinary medicine with all the modern facilities which help student to do innovative research in their respective fields the way of teaching by their professor make this university well renowned all over the world with modern campus and advanced facilities the university provides student a excellent education which help then to do better in their respective fields they also famous for their collaboration with world leading companies which give huge chance to student to enhance their skills to work with worldwide leading companies. If you are looking to study abroad MBBS and enhance your knowledge to succeed in your career, the University of Belgrade is the best option.

Top Courses:

Bachelor of General Medicine 6,24,867 INR/ Year

Bachelor of Pharmacy 6,24,867 INR/ Year

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) INR 3,52,616 yr

Campus Life

The campus of the University of Belgrade is spread all over the country including Prince Michael Street at Studentski Trg and King Alexander Boulevard both offer a diverse and beautiful atmosphere to students.

Prince Michael Street at Studentski Trg: This campus is the center of academic activity at the University of Belgrade. It has various faculty and departments that offer modern and innovative facilities for learning and research. They have a modern library that provides a diverse range of books, journals, and research papers. These camps have modern halls and innovative classrooms which provide an innovative and advanced learning and research study environment.

King Alexander Boulevard: This beautiful and peaceful area of the University of Boulevard provides a peaceful environment to students. It is known for its extra curricular activities with a motive to provide both education and extra activities which help in the growth of students to achieve better in their career.

Hostel and Facilities

The University of Belgrade provides huge support to finding a perfect place to live for international students. There are two available options for accommodation at the university of Belgrade which include renting a room at the student center dormitory or renting private housing.

Students’ Center Belgrade: Students Centre Belgrade is run and managed by the student center. This dormitory was built in 1948 and designed to provide a better living environment to foreign students. This hall of residence accommodates 367 students and provides the option of a single, double, and triple bedroom with all the facilities that help students to enjoy their hostel life.

Rented Accommodation: This is the other option provided by the University of Belgrade to that student who wants an independent living environment here the university gives full support to find secure private housing for the student private accommodation provides the option of a shared and single room with a common kitchen and separate bathroom.

Both of the housing option provide basic facilities which include:

  • Common Areas 
  • Internet 
  • Kitchen 
  • Single and Shared Rooms
  • Laundry Facilities


  1. 360 ECTS

Bachelor of General Medicine




Fees: ₹ INR 6,24,867 yr

Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Largest Modern University, Higher Education, Most Important Institution

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