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University of Zurich

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Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
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₹ INR 4,56,501


The University of Zurich is a public research university situated in the city of Zurich, Switzerland. The biggest university in Switzerland, the University of Zurich was established on April 29, 1833, when the existing colleges of theology, the Carolinum established by Huldrych Zwingli in 1525, law and medicine were integrated with a new faculty of philosophy. It was the first university in Europe to be established by the state rather than a monarch or church. In the university's years, the 1839 appointment of the German theologian David Friedrich Strauss to its chair of theology caused a major controversy. The university granted women to attend philosophy lectures from 1847 and conferred the first female doctoral student in 1866. Around 27,800 students enrolled at the University of Zurich in 2022 at the beginning of the new semester.


The University of Zurich, founded in 1833, is the largest public research university in Switzerland. It distinguished itself as the first European university established by a state rather than a monarch or church. Notable historical events include the controversial appointment of theologian David Friedrich Strauss in 1839. The university achieved a significant milestone in 1847 by allowing women to attend philosophy lectures, ultimately granting its first female doctoral student in 1866. With approximately 27,800 students in 2022, the university continues to foster academic excellence.

Top Courses:

M.Sc in Biochemistry  (INR 4,56,501)

M. Sc in Biology and Anthropology  (INR 4,56,501)

M.A in Business and Economic  (INR 4,56,501)

M.Sc in Medical Biology  (INR 4,56,501)

Executive MBA  (INR 4,56,501)

Campus Life

The University of Zurich is one of the biggest and oldest universities in Switzerland. Situated in the vibrant city of Zurich, it provides a diverse and enriching campus life for its students. Whether you're interested in academics, sports, arts, or socializing, you're likely to find a welcoming community at the University of Zurich. There are some campuses with full facilities. 

City Campus: The City Campus of the University of Zurich is spread across various locations in the city center. Overall, the City Campus of the University of Zurich provides a vibrant academic environment with modern facilities and resources for students and researchers. It is well-connected to public transportation, making it easily accessible for students, faculty, and visitors.

Irchel Campus: Irchel Campus is the main building of the campus clustered around the area called “Irchel” which is located in the northern part of Zurich. The main building houses administrative offices, lecture halls and libraries.

City Life: Zurich is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, known for its high quality of life. As a UZH student, you have easy access to the city's cultural attractions, museums, theaters, restaurants, cafes, and nightlife. The city's location near the Swiss Alps also offers opportunities for outdoor activities and weekend getaways.

Campus Facilities: The university has multiple campuses spread throughout the city, with the main campus located in the city center. The campus features modern facilities including libraries, lecture halls, research laboratories, computer labs, sports facilities, and student cafeterias. The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is one of the best labs in the University of Zurich.

International Community: University of Zurich attracts a large number of international students, creating a multicultural environment on campus. This diversity enriches the university experience, as students have the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures. The university also organizes events and programs specifically for international students to help them integrate into the campus community.

Events and Festivals: The university organizes numerous events and festivals throughout the academic year. These events range from academic conferences and workshops to cultural celebrations and parties. It's a great way to engage with the diverse student community and experience different cultures. The University of Zurich celebrated the last Zurich Pride festival on 17 and 18 June in 2022. 

Hostel & Facilities

The University of Zurich is a renowned institution situated in Zurich, Switzerland. While the university itself does not operate any hostels and dormitories, it provides students with various housing options through partnerships with external organizations and institutions. There is an overview of the accommodation facilities and other amenities typically available to students. It's important to note that housing availability can be limited, particularly during peak times, so it's advisable for students to start their accommodation search well in advance and explore various options.

External Housing: The university collaborates with external housing providers to offer additional accommodation options. These providers offer a range of apartments and rooms located within close proximity to the university campus. Students can apply for these accommodations through the university's housing office.

University Apartments: The university offers its students access to university-owned apartments. These apartments are primarily intended for international students and are allocated based on availability. They are typically located in various parts of the city, offering convenient access to the university campus.

Student Residence: There are several private and independent student residences in Zurich that cater to university students. These residences provide furnished rooms or apartments, common areas, and facilities such as study rooms, laundry facilities, and community kitchens.

Services and Facilities: While specific amenities may vary depending on the accommodation, many housing options offer basic services and facilities such as internet access, utilities (electricity, water, heating), and security features. Some accommodations may also provide additional amenities like gyms, common rooms, and bicycle storage facilities.


Master of Business Administration

  1. 60 Credit

Executive Master of Business Administration

Executive MBA


2 Years

Fees: ₹ INR 4,56,501

Faculty of Business Economic and Informatics, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts Social Sciences

Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
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