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Kharkiv National Medical University

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Available Intake
January Intake, 2024
World Rank
QS 691-700
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Course Fee
₹ INR 4,00,000 yr

The Kharkiv National Medical University, situated in Kharkiv, Ukraine is famous and well renowned for its excellent medical and research programs. The University was founded in 1805 and is the oldest university of Medical studies in Ukraine with a rich history of contributing towards medical facilities and introducing advanced medical facilities and well-experienced doctors and researchers. The University of Kharkiv offers a diverse range of fields to study in Internal Medicine, clinical pharmacology, therapy study, surgery, gynecology and Cryobiology.

This university has innovative facilities, a modern laboratory, and a well-maintained teaching hospital where professors teach practically about their respective fields. Their faculty consist of talented professors, doctors and researchers who decided to provide high-quality education and practical knowledge to the students.

The University Campus provides a peaceful environment for learning and personal growth and gives the student all the facilities that help them to grow in both academics and extracurricular activities by organizing many cultural and traditional activities.

Kharkiv University stands as a top and respected university with footprints of producing skilled medical professionals and contributing to the medical field. If you want to study medicine, this university is the best choice.

Kharkiv National Medical University is a renowned medical university located in Kharkiv, Ukraine it is famous all over the world due to its research opportunities and medical education. The University offers a diverse range of programs including undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs and these programs are run by experienced professors who have extensive experience in the medical field. This University is also famous for its wide range of connections to Universities, institutes, hospitals and companies worldwide which help students gain more exposure in their respective fields. The faculty of the University is highly qualified and experienced and has the motive to provide advanced academic and research work that helps them enhance their skills to achieve a better future.

Top Courses:

Bachelor of Doctor of Medicine  INR 4,00,000 yr

Bachelor of Dentistry  INR 3,84,000 yr

Bachelor of Pharmacy  INR 2,57,835 yr

Bachelor of Nursing  INR 3,84,000 yr

Campus Life

The Kharkiv National Medical University provides students with a beautiful and peaceful campus life that helps students improve their academic excellence. The university is not just a place to gain medical knowledge, it's a community where students begin a journey of personal growth, cultural, and unforgettable experiences. 

Academic Excellence and Opportunities

Kharkiv National Medical University is known for its commitment to academic excellence there world-class faculty members are experts in their respective fields, dedicated to making the next generation of medical professionals with advanced laboratories, and advanced research facilities.

Vibrant Campus and Facilities

The university's campus is more than just a collection of buildings; it's a hub of energy and diversity having a beautiful green atmosphere. The campus provides a peaceful environment for learning and growth. The modern infrastructure includes well-designed lecture halls, a library with a diverse collection of medical literature, and common spaces that encourage both study and relaxation.

Organizations and activities for students

An essential component of campus life involves participation outside of the classroom. The university provides a wide variety of clubs and student organizations that appeal to a variety of interests, from volunteerism and medical research to the arts and sports. These additional activities give students an environment to follow their interests, improve their leadership abilities, and make relationships that last.

Hostel and Facilities

Kharkiv National Medical University provides an excellent accommodation option to the student. They offer three hostel buildings that accommodate 2000 students. These hostels offer the option of furnished rooms, single rooms, and shared rooms and offer all the facilities that provide a healthy hostel life to the student. Their rooms are fully furnished and have an apartment-like system with a two and three-bed room with a common bathroom and common kitchen. All these hostels provide full security and offer all the amenities at a very cost-effective price for the student who wants to study in Ukraine. The hostel is the best option.

All the hostel contains some common facilities include:

  • Laundry Facilities
  • WI-FI facilities
  • Common Room
  • Kitchen 
  • Park
  • Easy access to Public Transport


  1. 360 ECTS

Doctor of Medicine




Fees: ₹ INR 4,00,000 yr

Faculty of General Medicine, faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Dentistry

  • Highly Modernized and Professional, Glorious Historical Path, Educational Institution

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