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Join our time tested, one-to-one test prep program that is designed to help you build an in-depth knowledge of the subjects while learning crucial test-taking skills to give you to the confidence, to take the test and significantly improving your test scores. SAT, ACT and AP are complex exams and even top graders can struggle to score high scores. That’s why you will work with a qualified teacher who will focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses to prepare you and make you confident and ready for the SAT, ACT or AP test. We offer prep programs that are customized to your goals, abilities and school schedule. Choose out of our Premier, Standard, Intensive and Classroom Learning program that suits you the most, in-person or online. Students can also buy 10, 20 or 40 hour packs and utilize them according to their specific needs.

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It is your turn to unlock the door to a world full of opportunities with a spectacular SAT score. SAT(also referred to as Scholastic Assessment Test) which is taken by students who are in pursuit of admission to undergraduate institutions in the USA & Canada. It tests the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the test taker. Over 1400 universities across the United States are accepting SAT scores. There are two types of SAT test - SAT General Test is widely taken by students who seek admissions in undergraduate colleges. The student will be tested on their written, verbal and mathematical skills. Students can choose among 20 SAT Subject Tests which are further divided into 5 subject fields like mathematics, Science, English, History. & Language

SAT Preparation

All American universities, including the Ivy League colleges, accept SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) scores.

SAT is a standardized test for all undergraduate degrees in the US, Canada and a few other countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

SAT has been owned and developed by the College Board for more than 100 years. The College Board is a US-based not-for-profit institute which oversees admissions to all US colleges and universities.

SAT Exam Pattern:

There are two main sections and one optional section: Section

#1: Evidence-based Reading & Writing — Reading Test — Writing & Language Test

Section #2: Mathematics — Math without calculator — Math with calculator

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