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 Education acts as a vital key to success. Every individual requires education as it is the basic need of life. A system that is responsible for shaping a human being into a talented personality who succeeds in accomplishing his goals effectively and efficiently can be stated as a good education system. 

The US education system is one of the most modern systems and consists of exceptional and excellent education facilities. With the aim of having a successful career globally, many Indian students want to seek international education from the most diversely populated “study abroad” destination with students from almost all around the world. 


Why Study in USA? 

Well, this is the most commonly asked question. So, here are a few reasons why a student should study in the USA. 

Variety of Programs: The US offers a variety of programs in the English language to international students. Studying internationally provides the student with a variety of skill-based training that requires a deeper depth of study and higher scope of the programs. 

Scholarships: Students get lots of adequate funding options on the basis of different criteria, which empowers them to be more aspiring and make use of their individual prospects. 

Different styles of teaching: International students adapt to different educational methodologies which make them more versatile in different fields. They learn new skills like teamwork, communication skills, problem-solving, etc. They get a chance to meet with top-notch professors who provide them with better knowledge. 

Academics: Getting a degree from the USA gives gigantic academic strength to each and every student. US universities put more stress on practical knowledge rather than theoretical. This is done to provide students with a massive amount of knowledge and hands-on experiences. It is considered a perfect blend of learning, exploring new exposures, opportunities, and many more. 

Enhancing their network by joining international students: Students meet new people and form great bonds. As this circle broadens, they create greater career opportunities for themselves. This provides them with great socializing and networking opportunities. This also widens their connections internationally. 

International exposure: Business and STEM programs in the USA offer some of the greatest opportunities across distinguished companies in the world. A few of them are Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc. 

Work while studying: Students mainly do part-time work along with their degree which is added as an experience advantage in their resumes. 

Research opportunities: Universities push students to widen their horizons in the field of research. The research opportunities available there are so distinguished, creative, 

and highly developed, that the students get a great experience while exploring different concepts. They are provided with up-to-date facilities, equipment, resources, and technology. 

Different cultures & perspectives: The USA provides a great environment for students from different cultures, beliefs, and nationalities. Students can learn about a variety of cultures & perspectives, and also develop cross-cultural awareness. 

Developing confidence, language & communication skills: Studying internationally broadens the mind and skills that also serves as a long-term asset. Developing language & communication skills create a positive impact on a student’s career and individual experiences. It also boosts their confidence. 

Explore & Travel: Students can explore and travel to new places as the alluring tourist places and attractive culture excites many students to study overseas. 


USA Education System 

The different levels of the US higher educational system include 3 main levels of study, namely, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate

Undergraduate Level: Bachelor’s degree 

The US bachelor’s degree is mainly a 4-years degree program. In the first 2 years of study, you will learn and understand general knowledge and also the basics of a variety of disciplines before focusing on a specific field of study. At the beginning of the third year, students have to choose their undergraduate majors from the provided options. Switching between majors will lead to studying more courses which will eventually cost them more time, effort, and money. 

Graduate Level: Master’s and Professional Degree 

Completing graduate programs in the USA can provide students with merit and identification from all over the world. A graduate degree is very important to secure a place in higher-level professional fields. Students have to do research-based work as a master’s project. These programs are generally 1-2 years long. For admission, students need a few additional documents (like academic/professional LOR, work exp., etc.) along with the basic requirements. 

Postgraduate Level: Doctoral and Research Programs 

An enormous number of universities in the USA provide a Ph.D. degree only after the completion of a master’s program, but some universities give admission to doctoral & research-based programs directly after the completion of their bachelor’s program. These types of courses have a time period of around 3-4 years, and for international graduate students, it varies from 5-6 years. 

Different types of college/universities and their features Types of institutions Key Features 
Community College Provide an associate degree or certificate for a two-year college degree 
Institute of Technology This is pursued by those who want a short-term program in science and technology 
Private College or University These are run by private organizations and are funded through large donations, and other private sources 
State College or University Education is financed by the local or state government 

Cost of Studying in the USA for Indian Students 

The different categories under which the cost of studying is divided are:- 

Pre-arrival Costs: This is a one-time expense that students have to pay before arriving in the US. It includes the expenses incurred on application fees, English proficiency tests, standardized tests, student visas, and so on. Expense Cost (in $) Cost (in ₹) 
IELTS exam fee $198 ₹ 15,750 
TOEFL exam fee $190 ₹ 15, 150 
University application fees $50 ₹ 3,990 
Student visa $160 ₹ 12,753 
GRE exam fees $213 ₹ 16,980 
GMAT exam fees $275 ₹ 21,920 


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