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KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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October Intake 2024
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Stockholm, Sweden
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₹ INR 19,73,400

KTH Royal Institute of Technology was founded in 1827 as the University of Technology and had its foundation on the School of Mechanic that was founded in 1798 in Stockholm. It is a public research university located in Stockholm, Sweden. The start of KTH dates back to the ancestor of the School of Mechanic which was founded in 1697 by the Swedish researcher and developer Christopher Polhem. The Laboratorium Mechanicum connected academic technology, a research center, and a showcase space for revolutions in 1877 KTH obtained its present name, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. KTH manages analysis and academics in engineering and technology and is Sweden’s biggest technical institute. Present KTH consists of 5 schools with 4 campuses in and around Stockholm. In 1917, the first constructions of KTH new campus on Valhallavagen were finalized, and comprise its main campus. While the engineering academics of the late 19th and early 20th century were scientifically established, up through the early 20th century, research as such was not seen as a middle pursuit of a University of Technology. Currently, KTH offers one third of Sweden’s research and engineering academics. In 2019, there were a total of 13,500 degree holders, 1,700 doctoral students, and 3,600 employees at the institute.

Founded in 1827,KTH the Royal Institute of Technology is a public research university in Sweden. Ulf Eddsman is the present chairman of KTH Royal institute of technology. KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is the largest and oldest technical university in Sweden. KTH offers around 60 international master’s programmes taught in English in subjects spanning from natural sciences to all the branches of engineering, architecture, industrial management and urban planning. KTH is organized into five schools individually responsible for education and research activities. Each of the schools head a number of departments, centers of excellence and study programmes. Delve into the fantastic study abroad education in this university!

Top Courses: 

Master of Science in Computer Science  (INR 11,76,450) yr

Master of Science in Cyber Security  (INR 11,76,450) yr

Master of science in Aerospace Engineering  (INR 11,76,450) yr

Master of Science in Architecture  (INR 19,73,400) yr

Master of Science in System, Control and Robotics  (INR 11,76,450) yr

Campus Life

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, situated in Stockholm, Sweden, provides a vibrant campus life for its students. KTH Royal Institute of Technology offers a dynamic campus life that combines academic rigor with opportunities for personal growth, social interactions, and cultural experience. There are some aspects of the campus life at Kth Royal Institute of Technology. 

Students Union: KTH Royal Institute of Technology has a lively student union called THE, which organizes various events, activities, and clubs. The student union represents the student body and works towards enhancing the student experience.

Student Associations: There are numerous student associations at KTH Royal Institute of Technology catering to different interests and fields of study. These associations focus on organizing events, workshops, and social activities related to specific academic disciplines, sports, hobbies, culture and more.

Housing: KTH Royal Institute of Technology provides housing options for its students, including student dormitories and apartments. Living in student accommodations gives students the opportunity to live in close proximity to their peers, fostering a sense of community and facilitating social interactions. 

Campus facilities: KTH Royal Institute of Technology main campus, situated in the heart of Stockholm, provides modern and well equipped facilities. The campus includes libraries, computer labs, study areas, research centers, sports facilities, cafeterias, and restaurants. These facilities cater to the academic, research and recreational needs of students. 

Sports and Fitness: KTH Royal Institute of Technology encourages students to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The campus provides access to sports facilities such as gyms, indoor and outdoor sports courts, swimming pools, and running tracks. There are also sports and clubs and teams that students can join to participate in various sports competitions.

Events and Festivals: KTH Royal Institute of Technology organizes a range of events and festivals throughout the academic year. These include careers fairs, hackathons, entrepreneurship challenges, cultural festivals, and student-led conferences. Such events provide opportunities for networking, skills development, and cultural exchange. 

International Community: KTH Royal Institute of technology attracts a diverse international student body, fostering a multicultural environment on campus. This diversity allows students to engage with different cultures, perspectives, and ideas, leading to a rich and inclusive campus life. 

Stockholm City Life: Being situated in Stockholm, KTH Royal Institute of Technology students have access to the vibrant city life. Stockholm offers a wide range of cultural attractions, museums, theaters, parks, restaurants, and nightlife. Students can explore the city and take part in various social and cultural activities beyond the campus.

Hostel & Facilities

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, situated in Stockholm, Sweden, provides accommodation options for students in the form of student hostels and residence halls. These facilities provide convenient and affordable housing solutions for KTH students. While I don't have the most up to date information on specific hostels, I can provide you with a general overview of the facilities and amenities commonly found in KTH Royal Institute of Technology hostels. It’s important to note that the availability of specific amenities and facilities may vary between different hostels affiliated with KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 

Rooms: The hostels typically offer a variety of room types, including single rooms, shared rooms, or apartments. These rooms are usually furnished with basic necessities like a bed, desk, chair, and storage space. 

Common Areas: Most hostels have communal spaces where students can socialize, relax, and study. These areas may include lounges, study rooms, libraries, and recreational spaces like game rooms or TV rooms.

Kitchen Facilities: Shared kitchen facilities are available in the hostels, allowing students to prepare their meals. These kitchens are equipped with stoves, refrigerators, and basic cooking utensils. It’s common for students to share cooking and dining spaces, fostering a sense of community. 

Laundry Facilities: Laundry rooms with washing machines and dryers are typically provided in the hostels. Students can use these facilities to do their laundry conveniently. 

Internet Access: KTH Royal Institute of Technology hostels usually offer high speed internet connectivity, allowing students to stay connected for their academic and personal needs. 

Security: The hostels prioritize the safety and security of their residents. They often have security measures in place, such as surveillance cameras, secure entrances, and access control systems.

Support Services: Some hostels have resident assistants or staff members who provide support and assistance to students. They may organize social activities, help with administrative matters, or address any concerns or issues that students may have.

Master of Science

  1. 120 Credit

Master of Science in Architecture

MSc in Architecture


2 Year

Fees: ₹ INR 19,73,400

School of Architecture and the Built Environment, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, School of Engineering Science, School of Engineering in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health

  • High-Quality Research, Most Prestigious Technical University, Innovation and Creativity

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