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Admission Requirements

Study abroad students will require the following documents for admission in a Norwegian university:

  • 1693042759-490613-529
    A copy of the applicant’s passport
  • 1693042759-818872-990
    TOEFL/IELTS/C1 Scores or DELE test for Spanish fluency
  • 1693042759-819962-750
    Academic Transcripts in GPA format
  • 1693042759-441714-261
    Letter of Recommendation (LORs)
  • 1693042759-260728-498
    Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • 1693042759-618634-190
    A CV (if asked)
  • 1693042759-838641-578
    Proof of Funds/Scholarships
  • 1693042759-322194-177
    Offer Letter
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Scholarships for Study Abroad in Norway


Those Indian students who are willing to study in Norway can get scholarships to smooth their journey for study abroad:

  • CLIFF-GRAD Scholarship (Ph.D.)
  • ERASMUS+ Grant
  • SCAR Fellowships in Antarctic Research
  • BI Presidential Scholarship
  • NTNU Scholarship
  • Become Jack and Jones Scholar
  • Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship Programme

Visa Options

Norway Study Permit

Cost - INR 41,270

Type- Study Visa

This visa is required when you apply for any full-time, long duration program that exceeds more than 3 months. The cost of this visa is NOK 5300 or 41,270 INR.


Min Max
Min Max
New Castle

Career + Work Opportunities

Norway is known for its humanitarian work on a global level and the opportunities it creates. International students will find a lot of career growth and opportunities to give their best in Norway. Read the options below:

Part-time Work Opportunities

Study abroad students can earn 150-200 NOK per hour. Indian students will be able to work for 20 hours a regular week and full-time on holidays.

Post Study Work VISA

International students can obtain a Job Seeker Visa to search for a job after completing a degree. For this student needs to show NOK 20,521 per month for sustenance.


Arts and Humanities


Social Sciences


Law and Legal Studies

Why Study in Norway?

Norway is a Scandinavian country of scenic beauty and wealth. International students prefer this country for its abundance of opportunities and the welcoming nature of the citizens. Universities here unleash students top global programs on STEM programs and business courses. Norway has been the country of global affairs too and the job scene is growing too.

Indian international students choose this country for an amazing career and a lifestyle. The student visa process is also smooth and the university admissions are also easier. Prepare your journey now!

Study in Norway for Indian Student

International students choose to study in Norway mostly because its a safe and technologically updated society. The nation has a strong welfare system too that benefits the students as well. Let us review a few points to consider Norway.

Free Education: While studying in Norway is a costly affair, education in the public universities is actually free of cost. This doesn’t reduce the quality of education.

Student Aid: Norwegian universities provide merit based and need based scholarships or aid to international students to sustain.

Campus Life: University campuses in this country are known for their large amenities and provisions to entertain students and to create a learning environment.

Why Study in Norway

Norway has a huge academic and career prospects as universities receive huge grants and constantly focuses on academic pursuits. In turn, these universities rank at the top and gather a diverse amount of talented students.

English-taught Programs: Norwegian universities provide programs in English too. This doesn’t compromise with the quality delivered in the original language.

QS Ranking Unis: Universities here are limited in numbers but nearly all of them are placed at highest in survey sites like QS.

Best Value: After completing a program here successfully, get recognition and pay globally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some universities offering free education in Norway for international students and they are enlisted below: Oslo Metropolitan University University of Bergen Bergen University College Norwegian University of Science and Technology The Arctic University of Tromsø, Norway University of Stavanger University of Oslo University of Nordland They all have different eligibility criteria for international students to obtain free education in these universities.
What are the prospects of getting a PR in Norway after studying?
The prospects of getting a PR in Norway after studying are still there. For this provision, the study abroad student must stay in this nation for at least five years. International students can apply for a job while remaining under study visa and the employers will apply for a work visa on their behalf. With a crime free record for five years in Norway, you may apply for PR now.
What can be accommodation expenses for international students in Norway?
The accommodation expenses in Norway for study abroad students in Norway is somewhere in between EUR 300 to EUR 800 per month. This price will vary as per the factors like residence location, neighborhood, amenities, number of people sharing the spaces etc. The best way to get an average budget idea is to contact the student services authority of the said university.
How much of a study gap is acceptable in Norway for Indian students?
The accepted study gap for Indian students in Norway is maximum for 4 years. However, this will come under strict conditions for language proficiency tests, previous program’s scores, work experiences and all of these details must reflect on pen and paper as to why after a particular amount of time one is flying to Norway for more education. Not having proper info will lead to cancellation of the candidature.
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