Best Countries For MBBS? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

Every year thousands of students dream of becoming a doctor. After appearing for various levels of domestic or national level examinations for medical, some people might want to explore academically or because of what they expect from their life. All are fair and well when it comes to deciding and taking the career leap. Our dear readers can take a leap of faith when it comes to study abroad in the best countries for MBBS. In this article, we will explain that.

Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents

1. Best Countries for MBBS

When it comes to the best countries for MBBS abroad, one can study in the top developed countries. Development and healthcare are synonymous for any country. We too are taking the same criteria. Most of the international medical programs are recognized by MCI and also by the global authority, WHO. Hence, let’s state the obvious. They are:

All these countries have different reasons to opt for an MBBS overseas. What can be the deciding factors for you?

2. Reasons to Choose a Study Abroad MBBS

When it comes to MBBS abroad  for Indian students, it means a lot of academic, financial and brain-intensive processes. Why would any student want to study MBBS in a foreign country? Check out the following reasons:

2.1. Cheap Universities

Overseas MBBS institutions are less costly compared to private institutions in India. Education abroad is cheap due to lots of facilities, mediums and funds because of not only the government funds but also big corporations and organizations like Microsoft, Google etc.  On the other hand, it is easy to return the loan amount because the return ROI is more.

2.2. Even low NEET scores are also considered

Even to study abroad MBBS one needs NEET scores. Why? To appear for FMGE your past NEET scorecard is compulsory. Your NEET scores are valuable when it comes to getting admission to a medical program.

2.3. Global Recognitions (Certificates)

Most of the overseas MBBS programs are WHO-approved medical institutions and if your certificate states that then you are eligible to practice worldwide. Similarly, most abroad MBBS programs are recognized by MCI provided you appear and qualify for the FMGE exam.

2.4. Better Exposure, Better Practical Knowledge

After completing the routine classes medical students get practical classes that are also daily. Medical students get to interact with senior scholars regularly. There are residency programs that are more than enough to gather knowledge.

3. Best Salaries

Study abroad medical programs like MBBS leads to better pay compared to what is paid in India. Hence, financial security is more prevalent in overseas nations.

3.1. Holistic Practical Understandings of Medical Diversity

In the medical community, diversity often refers to healthcare professionals, researchers, genders, socio-economic, sexual orientations, and geographic regions. A study abroad MBBS prepares you for this as well.

3.2. Interdisciplinary Options

Courses after MBBS without NEET scores, MBA in Pharmaceutical Marketing, MBA in Medical Administration, Masters in Public Health, Masters in Health Administration, Combined Medical Services, Clinical research, exercise/medicine/sports and exercise science etc.

3.3. R&D (research and development)

After study abroad MBBS, research options and apprenticeships are available in abundance where a doctor’s expertise is required.

3.4. Infrastructures and Equipment

There are modern labs including equipment backed by research, the faculty accepted to be more resourceful and use recent teaching techniques. The resources allow a student for experiential learning to attend live procedures, seminars and more. This makes overseas MBBS an attractive option for the prospective candidate.

3.5. Experiential Learning

Study abroad degrees’ academic format emphasizes practical rather than theoretical learning in turn the abroad programs allow you to learn from practical knowledge rather than ‘bookish learning’.

3.6. A New Personality

While studying abroad, learning another language while you get the chance, getting familiar with diversity(s), and getting updated with political awareness are the best things you can do. These kinds of introductory things make you a better human being and an asset to an industry where you’re required to serve on various social fronts.

4. What is Required for a Study Abroad MBBS

An international MBBS for an Indian student will require you to:

Let’s check our prospects among the previously cited countries.

5. Study Abroad MBBS in Taiwan

Taiwan has some of the best infrastructures and innovations in the medical field. This island country welcomes students to study abroad for MBBS.  Where can you apply:

  • Taipei Medical University
  • Kaohsiung Medical University
  • China Medical University Taiwan
  • Chung Shan Medical University


6. Study Abroad MBBS in the UK

The UK has always been the best hub for receiving education and making an impact. To pursue an MBBS in the UK, one can take student aid and student loans too. Furthermore, to get enrolled in a UK institution you need to have the UKCAT/BMAT scores. But an MBBS here will always give you the best return. Apply for an MBBS in the UK here:

7. Study Abroad MBBS in Australia

Students can expect world-class resources while studying MBBS in Australia as international students. Australia is known for its competition at the university level. If you want to get enrolled here then you shall be prepared academically, for instance getting a good score on the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Admission Test (UMAT) or MCAT in Australia. Apply to these universities:

  • Bond University
  • James Cook University of Medical School
  • Deakin University
  • Monash University

8. Study Abroad MBBS in the USA

Studying MBBS in the USA might seem very costly but it is certainly nearly the same. The United State undoubtedly has the topmost research going on when it comes to the medical field. Alongwith, bigger campuses and academic resources one gets to meet the think tanks of the globe. Apply for the USA MBBS programs here:

9. Study Abroad MBBS in the Philippines

The Philippines has a strong foundation of medical institutions. With its strong foothold in various medical specializations. You can apply for the given study abroad MBBS in the Philippines:

  • Cagayan Central University
  • Far Eastern University
  • Saint Louis University
  • Xavier University

10. Study Abroad MBBS in Taiwan

Taiwan has some of the best infrastructures and innovations in the medical field. This island country welcomes students to study abroad for MBBS.  Where can you apply:

  • Taipei Medical University
  • Kaohsiung Medical University
  • China Medical University Taiwan
  • Chung Shan Medical University

11. Study Abroad MBBS in Georgia

Georgia’s MBBS program for Indian students is ideal in the sense that they are offered as English-taught and at the same time the quality of pedagogy is equivalent to that of Russia. Here, students will get safety and security and a rich cultural heritage that makes Georgia a wonderful destination. Apply to the following universities:

  • East European University
  • Georgian National University
  • BAU International University
  • LTD Caucasus University

12. Study Abroad MBBS in China

China has a long history of medicinal practice that has all the way seeped into modern medical practice. Now aim for a study abroad MBBS when it comes to getting a budgeting program and the right exposure. To apply in this country you need to have at least a 60% score in the 12th board exam and your subjects should be Biology, Physic and Chemistry. There are English-taught medical programs in China. Apply these institutions for MBBS in China:

  • China Medical University
  • Guangxi Medical University
  • Hebei Medical University
  • Southern Medical University

13. Study Abroad MBBS in Canada

Canada has a higher quality of infrastructure and pedagogical practice than India and thus Canada is a good destination. Consecutively, overseas MBBS in Canada also allows international students to grab various research opportunities. Apply for these universities if you want a cheaper MBBS in Canada:

14. Study Abroad MBBS Malaysia

Malaysia is also an English-speaking country along with several other official languages. English proficiency tests are neither mandatory here nor do you have to worry about learning a second language. Although, a prospective candidate will be required to sit and score on the International Student Admission Tests (ISAT). Now select the wished university from below:

  • University of Malaysia
  • AIMST University
  • International Medical University, Malaysia
  • Asia Metropolitan University

15. Study Abroad MBBS in Russia

When it comes to medical programs, Russia’s cheapest medical programs are a good option. Russia’s medical programs are cheaper than most European Countries. Furthermore, Russia offers 15,000+ scholarships which is another tempting factor and what’s more, you can apply with a 50% score from India and a duly filled NOC (no objection certificate) from MCI. Enough relaxations? Apply for these universities for a study abroad MBBS in Russia:

  • Kazan State Medical University Russia
  • Kursk State Medical University Russia
  • Perm State Medical University Russia
  • Bashkir State Medical University Russia 

16. Salary Expectations After Study Abroad of MBBS

After graduating successfully and gathering internship experiences, an MBBS doctor can expect around INR 2 cr on as a global average. Here are the top countries that provide the best salaries:




1.90 Cr


1.70 Cr


1.38 Cr


1.18 Cr


51.77 lacs

17. Overseas MBBS Program Duration

Medicine is a noble profession acknowledged globally. Since it also takes years of dedication and hard work. Here’s a table showing how much time is required in each country to become a doctor.


Years of time





















We understand that for such a long venture one needs adequate funds and there are solutions for that also.

18. Education Loans for Study Abroad MBBS

For a study abroad program, a student can borrow money from the banks nearby. The loans will be available as collateral and non-collateral loans. For the later categories of loans, you will need to have a co-applicant. What you need to know about the education loan for study abroad MBBS are here:

  • The average interest rate is somewhere around 11%
  • You’ll need a guarantor
  • Documents citing your aims
  • Offer letter

What’s in a program if it’s not recognized or if there’s a professional bar to cross? Always know your MBBS program and check who is certifying its validation. This is an important step with regard to the loaning process as well.

19. MBBS Program Recognition

When it comes to certification and the recognition of it, several authorities provide the recognition of an MBBS program. When it is in India below are significant authorities:

  • Medical Council of India
  • National Health Commission

However, When it comes to a study abroad MBBS one needs to clarify whether it is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) or not. Besides, MCI is the final authority if one wants to practice in India. MCI regularly conducts FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination). One needs to qualify for this exam to start a professional career.

20. Conclusion

We have demonstrated how the best countries for MBBS can be useful for Indian international students. They do not have to be expensive all the time as the cheapest country to study MBBS is always available. Give us a thumbs up if you found this article informative!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Usually, it takes 2-4 weeks to get admitted to a study-abroad university.

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