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Macquarie University

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Available Intake
Spring intake 2024
World Rank
QS 130
Sydney, New south Wales, Australia
Course Fee
₹ INR 20,87,000

Macquarie University is a leading Australian university located in Sydney was established in 1964 and is known for its modern, broad approach to teaching and focus to excellent research in a variety of fields, including art, business, engineering, health, Human science, medicine and science, the university offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programmes. Some of the top researchers and academics in the world are based at the institution, and they are committed to giving students the knowledge and abilities they need to be successful in their chosen disciplines. The focus on interdisciplinary learning at Macquarie University is one of its unique features; it provides a variety of interdisciplinary programmes that let students interact with different fields of study, such as business and humanities or engineering and science. 

This method of teaching gives students a competitive advantage in the job market and helps them prepare for the challenging struggles of the modern world All things considered, Macquarie University is an excellent institution that offers students a life-changing educational opportunity. For students who want to challenge themselves and reach maximum achievement, Macquarie University is an ideal location.

Macquarie University, a highly regarded institution of higher learning in Sydney, Australia. It was founded in 1964 by the New South Wales Government, is the third university to be established in Sydney and is one of the oldest universities in Australia. The name of this university is named after Lachlan Macquire, a renowned governor of the colony of New Wales. It regularly receives recognition as one of the top universities in the world and Australia. Macquarie University is a vibrant and dynamic community that offers students a unique and transformative educational experience. It offers a diversified student body and a strong commitment to research and innovation students may select from a wide range of academic programmes at Macquarie University in a number of fields, including art, business, engineering, health, human science, medicine and science this university the world's leading researchers and academics, who are dedicated to providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen fields. Along with its academic delivery, Macquarie University is known for its innovative resources and innovative methods of teaching. The university's campus is home to a variety of innovative properties, such as renowned research centers, innovative labs, and a selection of student support services. A strong sense of community and belonging among students is promoted through the university's dedication to providing students a wide variety of extracurricular activities, such as clubs, athletics and societies.

Top Courses:

Master of International Management  INR 21,91,000 yr

Master of Business Analytics  INR 21,91,000 yr

Master of Science in Cyber Security Analysis  INR 20,87,000 yr

Master of Information Systems Managements  INR 21,85,000 yr

Campus life

Macquarie University's City Campus is located in the heart of Sydney's Central Business District, making it an ideal location for students who are looking for an exciting and interesting campus experience. Many modern services and facilities have been found on the City Campus, which supports the development of a dynamic and exciting educational atmosphere for students.

Modern facilities are one of the features of the City Campus. The campus is equipped with a variety of contemporary lecture halls and classrooms, all of which include modern technology and are designed to promote collaborative learning. On-campus study options include quiet study areas, group study rooms, and computer labs, all of which are open 24/7 for students to use.

The City Campus central location in Sydney's CBD is one of its unique features. Students have access to a variety of cultural and social experiences in this area, including restaurants, theaters, galleries, and museums. Students can easily explore the city and locations nearby because of the campus's proximity to public transportation.

Overall, the City Campus at Macquarie University is a bright and engaging environment which offers students with a variety of academic and extracurricular possibilities. The City Campus is the ideal destination for students who are looking for a transformative university experience in the center of one of the most interesting cities in the world owing to its modern amenities, vibrant community, and outstanding location.

Hostel and Facilities

Students at Macquarie University have a variety of on-campus housing options, including accommodations in the Central Courtyard. 

Central Courtyard: The living spaces of this accommodation are built to give students a secure, comfortable, and encouraging atmosphere. This creates a strong sense of community and belonging among students. The university's housing facilities are distinguished by their innovative facilities and modern design. The Central Courtyard provides a variety of facilities such as:

  • Shared kitchens
  • Laundry facilities
  • Common areas
  • Internet

These are considered to promote shared living and support students in establishing close bonds with their fellow members; the university's housing facilities offer a variety of support services in addition to modern amenities and design that are intended to help students achieve both academically and personally.

Master of Science

  1. 120 Credit

Master of Science in Cyber Security Analysis

MS in Cyber Security Analysis


2 Years

Fees: ₹ INR 20,87,000

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Medicine Health and Human Science, Faculty of Arts

Sydney, New south Wales
  • Innovation and Exploration, Research Excellence, Health and Medical Science

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