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University of Bristol

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Bristol, United Kingdom
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University of Bristol finds itself to be associated with Russell group and PEGASUS. This university has more than a century's worth of solid academic foregrounding and an open contesting zone for the learned and for the learner. Students can choose a variety of domains like engineering, medicine, computer science, management, humanities, languages and many more. The university is also a site of modern history as a place to witness two World Wars. Alumni of this place can be found in the Royal Society as well as various spheres of related fields.

The University of Bristol is mainly an examination concentrated institution situated in the energetic city of Bristol in the southwest of Britain. It was established in 1876 and is consistently ranked among the World's Best Universities. Over 26,000 Study Abroad students from over 150 nations make up the diverse student body at the university.

The university offers more than 200 undergraduate courses in a variety of fields, including the arts, humanities, engineering, science, and medicine. In addition, it provides research opportunities and over 100 taught postgraduate programs across its six faculties: Arts, sciences, life sciences, engineering, health sciences, law, and social sciences.

Academics in this university are active in a wide range of fields, including quantum physics, aerospace engineering, epidemiology, and cultural studies. The university is known for its excellence in research. Above all, the university is a member of the Russell Group, a group of prominent UK research universities.

The university has a lively student life and numerous outside-of-classroom activities and opportunities. In addition to participating in over 300 student societies and sports clubs, concerts, theater productions, and other cultural events can be enjoyed by students at the university's venues.

In general, the University of Bristol is a world-class institution that provides students with a stimulating and encouraging setting in which to pursue their personal and academic objectives.


Campus Life

One of the most illustrious Universities in the United Kingdom, the University of Bristol is known for its outstanding academic programs, world-class faculty, and vibrant campus community. The University of Bristol's campus life is diverse, lively, and exciting, offering a variety of opportunities for students to participate.

The social scene is one of the most notable aspects of Bristol's campus life. Students can join a variety of clubs and societies that cover a wide range of interests and hobbies, including music groups, debating societies, and sports teams. Students can pursue their interests outside of the classroom while also meeting new people and making friends through these clubs and societies.

Throughout the year, there are a number of events and activities on campus in addition to clubs and societies. Concerts, film screenings, guest lectures, and cultural festivals are examples of these. In addition, the university has its very own student-run radio station that airs live from the campus and gives students a chance to get involved in media and broadcasting.

The academic support and resources that are available to students are an additional important aspect of Campus life at University of Bristol. A number of libraries and study areas are available at the university, and academic advisors and tutors are available to assist students with their coursework and academic objectives. Students can also participate in research projects and collaborate with faculty members on innovative research.

In general, the University of Bristol's campus life is lively, interesting, and supportive. It's a great place to live and study with a variety of activities and opportunities for students to participate as well as excellent academic resources and support.

Hostel & Facilities

Students at the University of Bristol, one of the most reputed universities in the United Kingdom, can choose from a variety of housing options. Living on campus in a hostel is one of the most popular options.

There are a number of hostels at the University of Bristol for both undergraduate and graduate students. To ensure that students have a pleasant and comfortable stay on campus, these hostels are well-equipped with modern amenities.

The undergrad inns at the University of Bristol are outfitted with shared kitchens, public regions, and clothing offices. Every inn room is outfitted with a bed, work area, and closet. Similarly, the university offers Wi-Fi access in all of its rooms, which is crucial for students who need to access online resources for their studies.

The postgraduate inns at the University of Bristol offer a more agreeable and free living experience. There are private bathrooms, kitchenettes, and study areas in these hostels. Students can also access Wi-Fi in the postgraduate hostels to stay connected to their studies and academic work.

In addition to that, the University of Bristol hostels are built to be secure and safe. A key-card system controls access to the hostel buildings, and there is a 24-hour security service at each hostel. As a result, students can rest assured that only authorized individuals can enter the hostel buildings and live in comfort.

The University of Bristol offers students a variety of additional amenities in addition to the hostel facilities. A student union, a variety of clubs and societies, on-campus dining options, and sports facilities are among these. This lets students socialize and take part in extracurricular activities, which can help them learn important skills and improve their university experience.

In conclusion, the modern facilities and amenities of the University of Bristol's hostels provide Study Abroad Students with a safe, comfortable, and convenient place to live. Students who want to live on campus and fully participate in university life should consider the hostels.

Master of Science

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Master of Science Business Analytics

MSc. Business Analytics


2 Year

Fees: ₹ £31,500

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law

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