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Corvinus University of Budapest

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July Intake 2024
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Budapest, Hungary
Course Fee
₹ INR 8,39,036

Situated in the heart of Hungary’s capital city Budapest, founded in 1948 to create a perfect bridge of higher education, this institution is renowned for its world-class programs in economics, business, social science and more; it offers bachelors, masters and doctorate levels in Hungarian, English, French or German language. But this university is more than just an academic institution, its vibrant community of scholars, researchers and students from all over the world all united and have a shared passion for knowledge and discovery with the diverse student body from over 60 countries. Corvinus shares a beautiful culture, norms and ideas. At Corvinus you will learn from some of the brightest minds in academia. Their facilities are top scholars and researchers who are dedicated towards their profession and share their knowledge and expertise to the next generation and help them to create a bright future. They will challenge you to your limits and inspire you to achieve a bright career. So why wait? If you want to Study abroad join Corvinus University of Budapest it helps you meet the beauty of education and create a bright future.


Corvinus University of Budapest, situated in the heart of Hungary's capital, is a highly renowned institution of higher learning. Established in 1948, it enjoys a famous past marked by outstanding academic achievements and is widely recognized for its exceptional offerings in the fields of economics, business, and social sciences. Corvinus University stands out from other academic institutions due to its dedicated focus on developing a multicultural and diverse space for learning with students from over 60 countries, the university is a hub of cultures, ideas, and perspectives. Corvinus is also known for its world-class faculty, who are experts in their respective fields and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the next generation of leaders. Many of the university's professors are internationally recognized scholars and researchers, and they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the classroom.

Top Courses:

MSc in Business Informatics- INR 6,63,852

MSc in Economic Analysis- INR 6,63,852

MA in Communication and Media Studies- INR 5,34,770

MSC Marketing- INR 6,63,852

Campus Life

Corvinus University of Budapest has two main campuses located in Budapest, Hungary. Both campuses have a unique identity and provide a beautiful environment to students. The life at these campuses is beautiful and diverse,with a wide range of activities and opportunities for students make these campuses unique and provide a vibrant and engaging life to the students.

These are the two campuses of Corvinus University of Budapest.

Kozgaz Campus: The Kozgaz campus of Corvinus University of Budapest is a modern and well-developed facility that mainly deals in Business Administration. This campus include three buildings these are:

Building E: This building is the main academic building on the Kozgaz Campus it was founded in 1093, and has well-developed classrooms,lecture halls and computer laps and it offers Business courses.

Sohaz Building: The second building known as building C was founded in 1093 and have, laboratories, data centers and computer labs. It is the information technology center of the university and deals with I.T related courses.

Building C: This building is located behind Sohaz building and founded in 1093 Budapest and it offers social science courses and has well-developed libraries and large reading rooms which are situated on the first floor.

Szekesfehervar Campus: It is located about 60 kilometers southwest of Budapest. It has a uniqueness that is it provides dual courses which give an opportunity to students that are gaining practical skills while studying. This is the speciality of this campus. Their curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the economy, science of food, as well as the practical skills they need to succeed in economics and the food industry.

Hostels and Facilities

The Corvinus University of Budapest is a one of the leading institutions of Hungary providing a well developed hostel with beautiful environment and peaceful culture three types of Dormitories to the students which provide all the facility to the students.

Kinizi Dormitory: Kinizi Dormitory, is one of the dormitories available to students of Corvinus University of Budapest. The dormitory provides a range of facilities designed to support student life and enhance the university life experience. These facilities include comfortable and affordable housing near the university's main campus,a variety of room types to choose from,and amenities such as internet, study room,gym and a common room with a TV and have Africafe Club buffet night club for entertainment purposes.

Takrariti Dormitory: Takrariti dormitory is situated in the green atmosphere of district 10 of Budapest, in this only first year students accommodated which help them to make friends and develop the crazy environment because all the student are of the same year so that were easy for them to create a friendly environment.These accommodation include five levels in the room with three beds, in these five level there were a entrance hall, a washroom,a wardrobe and all the necessary thing required to the student it provide all the extra benefits like internet, hotwater  coldwater.

Foldes Ferenc Dormitory: It was built in 1910 in this there are 300 students staying and this is situated near the main campus which saves the transportation expenses. It provides all the facilities like dryer,automatic washing machine, common kitchen,bathroom and internet facility.

Master of Science

  1. 120 ECTS

Master of Science International Economy and Business

MSc International Economy and Business programme


2 Year

Fees: ₹ INR 8,39,036

Institute of Informatics, Institute of Marketing, Institute of Business Economics, Institute of Management

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